For all enquiring contact kickintheeyejewellery@gmail.com


Kick in the Eye is an alternative jewellery brand based around distinctive hand crafted chain and claw set gemstones. Created with longevity of quality and style in mind, Kick in the Eye jewellery is genderless and classic to fit into a broad range of personal expressions. Always and forever inspired by love, lust and desire. Independently run by Naarm/ Melbourne based creative Antonia Pantazis, whose multidisciplinary background in fine art led to her passion creating jewellery since 2018.


All jewellery is created with sterling silver metal, with the options of a Gold Plated finish. Items are either made to order or created in small batches to ensure sustainable small-production practices. Jewellery can be customised to your liking - get in contact to discuss a version of a product unique to you, or an entirely new idea.


Handmade chain features throughout the majority of our products. Each link has been coiled from sterling silver wire, saw pierced into individual jump rings, linked together one by one, soldered securely at each join, shaped, and then polished to a reflective finish. This sequence is one of endurance but is an enjoyable part of jewellery making process, and leaves each piece with its own unique personality as for its handmade nature.   


Lab-grown gemstones are used in our jewellery, an alternative to natural mined stones. They come in a range of brilliant dense colours and sizes that reflect our kitsch & glam aesthetic while keeping value in mind. Cubic Zirconia's are the main gemstones used which have even bright colours and are flawless. Synthetic Sapphires are also used - which directly mimic their natural forms through chemical composition and crystal structure. Please note that the same colour stones may vary in hue between the different sizes. Natural gemstones are also used and sourced ethically. For a custom gemstone option, or to re-purpose a stone, get in contact.


All products are able to be double plated in a bright yellow 18ct. Gold. Plating is the process where gold is electroplated to the surface of sterling silver metal, coating it in a vibrant gold colour. This is done out of house by a local business, and is the highest quality gold plating option offered in our city. Please note that the plating lifeline will be subject to its treatment and care. Items are able to be re-plated for the original products' plating price.


Kick in the Eye acknowledges living and creating on the stolen land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, it always was and always will be Aboriginal land.