Silhouette was a jewellery runway event featuring a trio of independent Melbourne jewellers; Kick in thee Eye, Sacrefulx and Psychic Desert, held at the Industrial School Building at the Abbotsford Convent on 03/05/2020. Performed under Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival [VAMFF] 2020, these artists came together for one night to individually showcase new collections and concept based pieces that redefined the traditions of adornment. Featuring dancers as models, an opera singer and a live string accompaniment composed by Modulate Music, this showcase applied an artistic lens to the concept of the fashion show, inviting our audience to re-think jewellery’s place on a runway. Above photograph by Michaela Duktova.

Kick in the Eye's dancers were Rufus Elliott, Eva Cornelisse , Celia Bow, Chanelle Rogers, Ash Dougan.  Makeup by Chloe Rose. A very special thank you to Corin Corcoran for helping style and fit all the models. Redemption was a collection showcased under Kick in the Eye's section of the show, exploring ideas and symbols of faith and sin, punishment and redemption. These pieces include deep and bright red gemstones, and are influenced by classic and kitsch gothic aesthetics over the years.

Kick in the Eye was featured in Astrophe Magazine under the title 'A Sinful Silhouette', paired with and interview and Renee Leah's film photography of the event. Click HERE to view the article.