Kick in the Eye jewellery is handmade from sterling silver metal and synthetic gemstones. All items are  created with quality, durability and longevity in mind. 
Products are not limited by traditional connotations - all pieces are unisex and are welcomed to be worn by anyone regardless of gender or age.

As for the hand crafted nature of our products, visual imperfections may be present but do not interfere with the quality or comfort of the jewellery. Each item follows the same format of creation, however one may vary slightly from the next.

When listed in product descriptions, all clasps, butterfly earring backings and fine chain are manufactured from outside sources.

Products and prices are subject to change without warning.


All items are created with solid sterling silver metal (925) which we consciously source from recycled metal suppliers. Recycled sterling silver comes from scrap metals which are extracted back down to their natural forms and re-combined. In this case, silver is refined from scrap metal sources and mixed with Copper and other alloys that would otherwise go into landfill. This recycled Sterling Silver is then made into wire and sheet forms which the majority of Kick in the Eye products are created from. Some items that have been cast and small findings such as clasps have not been able to be sourced from recycled suppliers. 


All products are available to be plated in a bright yellow18ct. Gold [or a brassier coloured 9ct. Gold if requested]. If the option is not listed on a product you're after please get in touch for a quote.

Plating is the process where a fine layer of gold is fused to the very outer layer of sterling silver metal through electroplating, coating it in a dense gold colour. However, through natural wear the plating will eventually fade to a lighter yellow and through extended use of the jewellery the original sterling silver metal underneath may be revealed. This could take months or years to diminish depending on how often the product is worn and what state it is kept in.

Items are able to be re-plated for the original products plating price.

For a solid gold quote please get in contact at 


Lab-grown gemstones are ethical alternatives to natural stones that are mined from the earth. They come in a range of brilliant dense colours and sizes that reflect our kitsch & glam aesthetic while keeping quality & value in mind.

Cubic Zirconia's are the main gemstones used, which are often compared to an affordable option to diamonds for their durability and physical properties. They have even bright colours and are flawless - meaning they have no imperfections that are found within natural stones.

We also use synthetic Sapphire and Spinel gemstones, which directly mimic their natural forms. Synthetic stones have the same chemical composition, crystal structure and optical properties as their natural form grown in the earth. Unlike the consistent colours of Cubic Zirconias, two of the same coloured synthetic Sapphires can vary in shades and may include hue changes - especially with our purple sapphire colours.

For a custom gemstone option or to re-purpose a stone get in contact at