STERLING SILVER & 9CT. GOLD CARE Kick in the Eye pieces are handmade with precious metal, quality stones and durability in mind - pieces will last well into the future if loved and cared for.

  • It is ok to get precious metal wet and wear in the shower
  • Don't allow your jewellery to come into contact with any chemicals
  • Take off rings when performing labor intensive tasks
  • Be gentle with your jewellery when getting dressed
  • Microfibre and polishing cloths can help to restore lustre
  • Store jewellery safely away in original packaging

It is normal for black patina tarnish to eventually build up on sterling silver jewellery, due to natural reactions between skin oils and chemicals in the air over time  Follow these steps below to remove black tarnish:  Line a bowl with aluminium foil, shiny side up. Dissolve 1 heaped tbsp of bicarb soda and 1 tsp of salt into 1 cup of boiling water. Add 1/2 a cup of white vinegar, let it fizz. Place your jewellery evenly onto the foil and leave it in there for up to an hour or until the tarnish has visibly cleared. Gently scrub with a soft nail brush and non-chemical soap. Rinse and dry. Rub with a polishing cloth. Repeat if needed.

GOLD PLATING CARE Plating is the process of electroplating the surface of sterling silver metal, coating our jewellery in a vibrant gold colour. This is done out of house by a respected local business. The plating lifeline will be subject to its treatment and care as stated to follow below. Plating is not a permanent finish and will fade over time, items are able to be re-plated for the original products' plating price. 

  • Do not wet - take off plated jewellery when washing hands, in the shower and in the ocean
  • Never let your pieces come into contact with any chemicals - such as swimming pools, household cleaners, creams and disinfectants ect.
  • Do not use polishing cloths on your plated pieces
  • Take off rings when performing tasks
  • Be gentle with your jewellery when getting dressed
  • Store separately from other pieces of jewellery