Kick in the Eye specialises in handmade chain. This means that each link has been coiled from sterling silver wire, saw pierced into individual jump rings, linked together one by one, soldered securely at each join, shaped, and then polished to a reflective finish. The process is time consuming to create, but leaves you with a unique, durable, quality considered chain. Each product may have its own personality as for its handmade nature. 

Slim, Original, Large, Small and Multi chain versions are featured throughout Kick in the Eye's products.


SLIM link chain is Kick in the Eye's signature and most popular version of chain. Each link measures 10mm in length and it is a medium to light weight.  The  Slim Link Chain Necklace is pictured. Slim chain is available in the Custom Link Chain listing. 



SMALL link chain is the most subtle of the range, being nearly half the size of the Slim and Original links. It holds a lovely dense weight through the quantity of links. The 40cm Small Link Chain is pictured, and is available in the Custom Link Chain listing. 

LARGE link chain has the chunkiest look to it - with its links being nearly double the length of the Original & Slim, and quadruple the size of the Small links.   The 40cm Large Link Chain is pictured and is available in the Custom Link Chain listing. 



ORIGINAL chain has a lovely weight to it. It is created with the same dimensions as the Slim Link Chain but is instead made from thicker wire - making it nearly twice as bold and a noticeably heavier aesthetic and feel. The 50cm Original Link Chain Necklace is pictured. 


MULTI link chain necklace is created with groupings of all four versions of Kick in the Eye's chain types - the Original, Slim, Small and Large links. The 40cm Multi Link Chain is pictured in sterling silver and 18ct. Gold plated, and is available in the Custom Link Chain listing.