kick in the eye is handmade with love + lust + desire  // kick in the eye thinks the status quo sucks  // kick in the eye is slow-fashion  //      kick in the eye is queer as fuck // kick in the eye is kitsch and conceptual   //  kick in the eye is inspired by kink, goth and glam //  kick in the eye rejects exclusivity  //   kick in the eye is whatever you want it to be   

Kick in the Eye is an alternative brand based around distinctive handmade chain, claw set gemstones and hand-studded garments. All pieces are independently created in Naarm / Melbourne, Australia.

Kick in the Eye functions under slow fashion ~ meaning all items are made in either small batches or specifically created when the order is placed. This allows for the brand to function through a sustainable viewpoint. Material choices are ethically sourced where possible; recycled sterling silver metal is used for the majority of products, and the mining industry is boycotted by focusing on synthetic man-made gemstones. 

The online store was launched in December 2018. 

Kick in the eye is solely run by Melbourne based creative, Antonia Pantazis. Originating from a multidisciplinary background in fine art, her skillset organically expanded towards her greater interest in fashion by learning how to create jewellery. Studying the basics of traditional teachings provided a basis to build upon self-taught methods of production in which the majority of products are born. An important element of Kick in the Eye is collaborating with like-minded creatives on moments and events to bring the jewellery to life.

I respectfully acknowledge that I live and create on stolen land of the First Nations' people. Sovereignty was never ceded. A percentage of each sale is passed towards the Pay The Rent Grassroots Collective.